Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is essential for anyone who is exposed to prolonged noise in the workplace, or doing a hobby that has the potential to damage their hearing e.g. playing loud music, shooting, Motorsport.  We can provide custom hearing protection that can prevent loud harmful frequencies from damaging your hearing, as well as allowing you to hear important environmental sounds around allowing you to hold a conversation, without the need for bulky over the ear defenders.

A noise exposure of more than 82 dB over 8 hours is enough to cause permanent hearing damage.  Every 3 dB thereafter will half the the time that you can be exposed to this level of sound e.g. 85 dB will give you a safe exposure time of 4 hours and 88 dB 2 hours.

We provide specialised hearing protection for Music, industry, Shooting and Motorsport.

Swim Plugs

Custom sleep plugs are made from a medical grade silicone that are designed to sit safely in your ear and are hollowed out to allow them to flex with your ear when your head is on a pillow.  This product is fantastic for guaranteeing your best chance of a good night sleep, should you have a noisy neighbours, a dog that snores, or you just want to nod off on a plane journey.

Swim Plugs

Swim plugs are a great way of preventing ear infections for regular swimmers or for someone who has been fitted with grommets.

Please Note

All hearing protection has an upper limit of attenuation/sound reduction and any sound over 30db will be heard through your skull, this is know as bone conduction.  This means that your earplugs will not make you completely deaf, but will bring you into safer more comfortable level.

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