Hearing Aids & Hearing Tests Bromley

Although we’re based in Beckenham, we regularly receive enquiries and bookings from people in the surrounding areas such of Bromley, Crystal Palace, Penge, Streatham and more.

Our clinic is very accessible and on the main bus routes from all surrounding areas. We’re also just a 1 minute walk from Eden Park Station.

Why Beckenham Hearing?

We understand that issues related to your hearing can be worrying and you may be apprehensive about having a hearing test or getting hearing aids and so our aim is to offer you the very best service from the moment you first get in touch with us. 

Our highly experienced team specialise in all types of hearing loss and offer comprehensive hearing tests to understand exactly what’s going on so we can make accurate recommendations. 

Our state of the art clinic is equipped with the latest technology to ensure you receive the most accurate diagnosis which will lead to the most suitable solution for your circumstances.

If you’re driving to Beckenham Hearing from Bromley or further afield, we have convenient parking right outside our clinic. 

Do I need a hearing test?

Generally speaking you should be getting your hearing checked every few years unless you work in a noisy environment, in which yearly checks are advised. 

If you notice a sudden change in your hearing you should get your hearing checked as soon as possible. 

Hearing may reduce gradually over time which makes it difficult to notice any changes. If you notice people commenting on how loud you have the TV or find yourself asking people to repeat themselves a lot more, this is a good indication that you should book in for a hearing test.