GN ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound is part of the GN Group, pioneering great sound from world leading ReSound hearing aids to Jabra office headsets and sports headphones.

ReSound place people with hearing loss at the heart of everything they do. They have been pioneering innovative new technologies, with consistent quality, for over 150 years to help make life sound better.


Hear With Confidence
Our hearing is vital for connecting us to the world and to one another. Enrich your senses again with life’s sounds – we have made your path to better hearing as easy as possible.

Introducing ReSound Key™, hearing aids designed to work comfortably and reliably with your own ears for truly great hearing. They give you the confidence and guidance to grow with your experiences and hear your best every day.

Fully join in conversations with the clear sound quality of ReSound Key. Knowing that you can talk and hear easily gives a welcome confidence boost.

ReSound ONE™

Just like a fingerprint, your hearing is one of a kind. Now you can experience truly individualised, natural, and a more complete sound experience with ReSound ONE.

Nature has designed the shape of your ear to perfectly capture the sounds around you. ReSound ONE with M&RIE* (Microphone and Receiver-in-Ear) delivers a new class of hearing aid* with a third microphone inside your ear, so you can collect the whole sound, just as nature intended. Add direct audio streaming and industry-leading rechargeable battery life and ReSound ONE truly keeps you connected to the people and technology that matter to you.

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Industry leading rechargeability

ReSound ONE offers the best rechargeable battery life in the industry for well over a day of worry-free use. For added flexibility, two different charger options serve as stylish, portable and protective cases, ideal for traveling and storage. Choose the premium charger with an onboard battery for up to three days of quick charging on the go, without the need for a power outlet, or the smaller standard charger that gives you all the power you need in a small elegant design.

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Extensive connectivity to adapt to your needs

ReSound ONE adapts to your lifestyle connecting you to the world around you with direct audio streaming from iPhone or Android™ smartphones. One-tap sound adjustments on your ReSound Smart 3D™ app and a versatile range of wireless accessories give you even more options to connect to the sounds you enjoy every day.

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ReSound LiNX Quattro™

With ReSound LiNX Quattro you can experience a rich sound quality, clearer speech, and fuller sound as well as enjoy a full spectrum of streaming (from your smartphone, TV and more), wireless technology and the ability to personalise your hearing experience via the ReSound Smart 3D app, giving you even more options to connect to the sounds you enjoy every day.

This full collection of advanced hearing solutions includes a rechargeable option, a selection of discreet custom crafted models, attractive Receiver-in-Ear models and easy to handle Behind-the-Ear models in a number of colours for you to choose from.

ReSound wireless accessories

With ReSound’s ecosystem of wireless accessories you can stream, control and personalise the sound to your ReSound hearing aids without wearing an intermediary device around your neck.

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