Wax Removal in Beckenham, Bromley, West Wickham, Shirley.

If you need wax removal in Bromley, then look no further, as we use the safest, most up to date Video Otoscopy, Microsuction & Irrigation equipment available.

Appointment £70 

If you have experienced the following: decreased hearing or a fullness in the ear with ringing noises then it is likely that you have a build up of excess ear wax.  This can also cause earache, dizziness and cough caused by the wax pushing on your vagus nerve.  If you need a wax removal in Beckenham, we offer a same day service.

Beckenham Hearing specialise in wax removal, using the very latest microsuction and irrigation equipment & techniques to gently remove the wax safely.

Olive oil will not remove wax from your ear, it will only soften it making it easy to remove by your aural microsuction specialist.

At Beckenham Hearing we offer a wax removal appointment for £70 Monday to Saturday.


Microsuction is a tiny vacuum device that gently removes ear wax from your ear.

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Irrigation uses a gentle stream of warm water to lift the ear wax out of the ear.

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Ear cleaning and wax removal isn’t something that is routinely spoken about as the ear is usually self cleaning.  Your ear canal moves as you talk and chew, usually working the wax outwards.  Earwax is there for a reason, it acts as an antibacterial moisturiser keeping your ears healthy.  Having small downward sloping ear canals can prevent the ears ability to migrate the old wax naturally causing the ear to block over time.  Some individuals produce less oil as they age causing the wax to harden, preventing it from migrating out of the ear naturally causing the ears to block.

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What you need to know…

If you require a wax removal in Beckenham we allow 30 minutes for a wax removal appointment Beckenham and we will use video otoscopy, allowing you to see the inside of your ear canal, confirming that the ears are blocked with wax.  Video otoscopy also allows us to confirm the complete removal of the ear wax blockage.  If we find impacted ear wax that is difficult to remove and requires an additional appointment, you will not be charged for this time.

If you believe your ears are blocked with wax then book in for a wax removal today.

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